2016 World Uchinanchu Taikai registration deadline

taikai_mascotDeadline to register for the 2016 World Uchinanchu Taikai is fast approaching.  Members, friends and guests must register by the end of this month (August 30th, 2016).  Registered names are only able to attend the opening and closing ceremony, as well as receive a complimentary bus pass.

We can always remove your name off the list if you can’t make it, BUT we CANNOT add your name on the registered list after the deadline!!! 

So if you think you might like to go, please fill out simple form attached below.  Just your name and address is sufficient to get you registered.  Please ask your area representative if you have any questions.  We can also answer any questions at the picnic (August 13, Sat.).

taikai_collagetaikai_ceremonyClick below for registration form:

attendee list


Seeking focus group participants

This project involves research focus groups designed to evaluate public health messages that encourage adult children to take their parent to a memory specialist or doctor. As part of this project, we are currently recruiting male and female Chinese or Japanese adults with at least one living parent, step-parent, or parent-in-law aged 65 or older. This August, four, 75-minute focus groups will be conducted with 8 to 12 participants each at a convenient location in Seattle. In each focus group, we will share potential public health messages and ask participants for their feedback and input on how they might modify these messages to better fit their communities.

It is important that older adults who have dementia get screened and treated as early as possible – for themselves, their spouses, their adult children, and their care providers. Though this study is being conducted nationwide with African-American and White adults, as well as the LGBT community, we believe it is important to test its messages with Chinese and Japanese adults, as well. Particularly given the limited research on brain health messaging for Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in the U.S., bringing these voices into a larger study like this is critical to determining the success and generalizability of the study’s findings, overall.

focus group

In memory of Hisako Faussett

Hisako Fausett
Dear Kenjinn Club Members,

Mr. Mike Faussett has asked us to notify our members as to his wife’s death. Mrs. Hisako Faussett has been our Eastside Area Representative for many years. He also requested that instead of flowers to please donate to the Hisako Faussett Scholarship Fund which will be administered by OKK. Hisako-san’s brother and nephew from Okinawa will be attending the services.

     Purdy and Kerr with Dawson Funeral Home
     409 West Main Street, Monroe, WA 98272
     Wednesday, March 30th at 1:00pm


Slide show


We ask Area Representatives to contact their members without email who may be interested in this information.

Thank you all for any help in getting this out to all our members.
久子 ファセットセットさんがお亡くなりになりました。ご主人のマイクから会員の方々にお知らせくださいとのご依頼がありました。彼女は長年イーストサイドの地域代表として奉仕さfれてきました。ご主人は久子さんのご葬儀の折にはお花の代わりにHisako Faussett スカラーシップ基金(県人会子弟のための奨学金) として県人会に寄付していただきたいとのご依頼がありました。ご香典も同様に同基金にご寄付お願いします。同基金は県人会が管理運営いたします。 久子さんのご兄弟および姪子さんが沖縄から参列いたします。

3月30日 1時から葬儀は上記のヒューネラルホームでとり行われます。




Tom Sakuma


Short-term host family needed for Okinawan college student


We are looking for a short-term host family for a 20 year-old female from Kita-Nakagusuku, Okinawa.  Nanami is studying at Ryudai to be a nurse.  She will be taking ESL classes at Shoreline Community classes for about 9 months.

Desired location: North Seattle (preferably near Shoreline, or anywhere accessible by bus)

Dates: Starting March 10 (Thursday), for about 1-2 weeks until she settles into an apartment.

There is flexibility regarding the start date and duration of hosting.  If a family can only host for a couple of days, or only start a couple of days after March 10, that would be fine too.

The family would need to provide three meals, or give her access to food so she can prepare her own meals.  A stipend will be given to the family to help compensate for expenses.

If you are interested in helping Nanami, please contact me in English or Japanese by email at perryb3000@gmail.com.

Best regards,

Perry Barnett

北中城から ショーラインコミュニテーカレッジに英語の勉強のために通う二十歳の女子学生が1,2週間アパートを探すまでホストファミリーをペリーがさがしています。 彼女は琉大の看護科の学生とのことです。どなたかいらっしゃいますか? 希望者はペリーに連絡して下さい。


Uchinanchu Taikai air fare and accommodation package deal

photo courtesy of ANA

Hello Kenjinkai members,

We received information from JTB regarding air fare and hotel accommodation package deal starting from $1491.00.  This is a per person price for a double occupancy room.  (This price is not guaranteed and subject to change).  Please see attached itinerary for available dates and comparable hotels.

There is also a pre-registration form attached.  You can pre-register ahead of time to reserve a spot.  Ishii-san (branch manager) will be available during the new years party to answer any questions.

Akira “Ray” Ishii
Branch Manager
JTB USA, Inc. Seattle Branch
1511 3rd Ave, Suite 905
Seattle, WA 98101
PH: 206-667-0799 (direct)/ Fax: 206-343-4727

OKK New Years Party 2016 – directions and bento

Come and join your OKK family and friends in celebrating the New Year!  OKK is planning fantastic entertainment for you, including dancing, singing, taiko, door prizes and much more.

Date: Saturday, March 12th, 2016
Time: 11:30 am – 3:30 pm (doors open at 11:00 am)
Location: Seattle Buddhist Church  1427 S Main St, Seattle, WA 98144

Directions: South Bound
1) From I-5 South (Everett/Seattle)
2) Take the I-90/Dearborn St (Exit 164) exit.
3) Turn Left onto Dearborn St.
4) Turn Left onto Rainier St.
5) At this 5-way intersection, make a Slight Right onto 14th Ave. S
6) Turn Right onto S. Main St.

Directions: North Bound
1) From I-5 North (Olympia/Tacoma)
2) Take the Dearborn St./James St. (Exit 164A) exit using the 2nd right lane.
3) Turn Right onto Dearborn St.
4) Turn Left onto Rainier St.
5) At this 5-way intersection, make a Slight Right onto 14th Ave. S
6) Turn Right onto S. Main St.

You are welcome to bring your own lunch for the event.  Bento will be available for purchase.  Price of bento will be $25.00 and will include shrimp tempura, salmon, chicken teriyaki and sashimi.  Bento will not be sold at the event.  You must purchase voucher ticket before the event.  Please contact your area representative.  If you do not know your area representative, please send  e-mail to haisai@okkwa.org with name and area of residence.

We look forward to seeing you there!!!